Time to learn webpack properly

You have clicked around in this tool for a while. But you still can't wrap your head around how webpack works.

  • "What is the .babelrc file?"
  • "What is a loader and what is a plugin? what's the difference?"
  • "They want me to put CSS and images in the bundle?!"

To learn webpack properly you must get your hands dirty and do the work. It's not enough to glance over some generated webpack configs.

Free webpack email course

Yes, it's a build tool. Yes, you need a course to learn it.

With this email course you will learn webpack from the ground up. Using industry best practices. And it's free!

You get 5 emails in 5 days.

  • Lesson 1: What does webpack do? (an overview)
  • Lesson 2: Create your first webpack project
  • Lesson 3: The webpack.config.js and Babel
  • Lesson 4: Create a React app with webpack
  • Lesson 5: Styling with webpack

Level up your frontend skills and become a more solid, all-round frontend dev. Sign up to get lesson 1 right now!